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  Pro-Tech 7030-SL  
  Lithium Battery Powered Carbon Monoxide Alarm  



  The PRO-TECH 7030-SL Lithium Battery Powered Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm includes an electrochemical sensor with life monitor, factory preinstalled battery with activation tab, locked battery compartment, and secure mounting features.

Carbon monoxide levels are measured and recorded by a state-of-the-art water-based electrochemical sensor. When a chronic carbon monoxide level of 70 ppm or more is detected, a flashing Red LED and 85db pulsating alarm are activated.

Pressing the reset button temporarily mutes the audible signal while the carbon monoxide level is rechecked. If carbon monoxide remains at alarm levels, the visual and audible signals are automatically reactivated.

After ventilation, the LED is auto-reset to a flashing Green (power on), the audible signal is silenced, and detection restarts. An internal clock monitors sensor life and activates visual and audible signals when the sensor life has expired.

Long-life lithium battery is preinstalled within a compartment that is locked closed with a tamper-resistant screw. Battery is warranted to power CO alarm for a minimum of five years. An activation tab protects battery during shipment and storage. Just pull out tab to begin operation.

Mounting plate fastens to wall at eye level. Detector slides down onto mounting plate and is secured with a standard screw through an integral restraining flange. Deters tampering with installation.

The Pro-Tech 7030-SL Lithium Battery Powered Carbon Monoxide Alarm is engineered and manufactured under an ISO 9001 Quality Management System for improved product quality, reliability, and customer confidence. Backed by a five year limited factory warranty.


Alarm Basics

Lithium Battery Powered Carbon Monoxide Alarm
9vDC Lithium Battery Factory Preinstalled
Minimum Five Year Battery Life
Locked Battery Compartment
Electrochemical Sensor
Sensor Life Monitor
Samples every 2 minutes
Instant Test/Reset Feature
Self-Diagnostic Circuitry
Operating Temp: 40F to 100F
Case Color: White
Case Size: 6" x 3" x 1"
Contractor Pack: 24 units. Specify (R) for retail pack

Certifications/Standards and Warranty

ANSI/UL 2034-09 Listed
NFPA 720 Compliant
5 Year Limited Factory Warranty



Alarm Signals

Chronic Alarm Time: 40-70ppm @ 60-240 minutes
Acute Alarm Time: 400ppm @ 4-15 minutes
Audible 85dB Pulsating Alarm Signal: 4 Beeps Every 5 Sec.
Visual Alarm Signal: Flashing Red LED
Low Battery Signal: 1 Beep per Minute; Flashing Green LED
Malfunction Signal: 2 Beeps per Minute; Flashing Red LED
End-of-Life Signal: 1 Beep per Minute, Flashing Red LED

Security Features

Locked Battery Compartment
Battery Activation Tab
Secure Mounting Plate
Integral Restraining Flange

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